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Glories - EP

by Elza

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released September 26, 2014

All songs are written and produced by Elza

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Kraushaar at Bully's Studios, New Westminster, BC
Assistant engineer - Grant Prouse

Performed by

Phi Van - Drums, shakers
Mat Vass - Bass
Michael Kraushaar - Acoustic and electric guitar
Amanda Kilburn - Cello
Jan Van Heiningen - Trombone
Elza - Vocals, programming

Artwork - Jane Goldenberg
Album layout - Aaron Davidson



all rights reserved


Elza Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver-based singer, composer and producer.
Elza's music is introspective, haunting and emotionally charged.
Her dark and intricate sound is inspired by a litany of genres mainly composed of 90's alternative acts and mixed in seamlessly with her classical piano training and synths explorations.
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Track Name: Purpose
Something on my mind doesn't let me be
Something in your eyes makes me skip a beat
Something in your words doesn't get to me
Something what was it that you said to me?

Something I was seeking but it fled from me
Something I was seeing but it disappeared
Someone I was loving but it turned to hate
Somewhere I would come but it could be late

Something really heavy is hanging over me
Something... must be heaven seems to crash on me
Sometimes days go by and I stay on the surface
Sometimes I keep clutching at some sort of purpose

Something on my mind presses hard on me
Something in your eyes makes me skip a beat
Something in your words doesn't get to me
Something what was it that you said to me?
Track Name: Glories
Crawling up my spine
Gentle and timid
Reach and then touch my eye
Become vivid
Never thought fear could dry my tears
feel like breeze and taste so sweet
Round and round I spin the circles tighten
change the rhythm, the beat

Glad I saw you that day
Told you my stories
How I plan small escapes
My opaque glories
Stretching hands nothing there
And that's exactly where I'm gonna run
Round and round I spin the wicked grin
The fingers loose one by one

They built the skies and then realized
It won't hold still
A few will prise yet will be denied
For being so real

Wish I saw you today
I'd tell you my stories
How I made my escapes
Broke glories
Track Name: You Melting
Why are you melting?
Slowly impressive and wrong
Afraid to understand it
So I don't
Don't wanna know
How it happened at all

Where do these winds blow to?
Will they embrace you and flee?
You go on vanishing into gloom
The gloom you've been collecting
Around for years

There's a window to some lost reverie
Unspoken thoughts
Trapped in my throat
I knew how to breathe
And they fade away
Before I find a way t stay
So it will never work again

Why are you melting?
Letting me go soon
I could have found my answers
But I won't
You could have found your questions
Once and for all
I could have found my answers
But I won't
You could have found your question
And wouldn't have to go
Track Name: Pace
I go the pace
I break my face
I do my best to keep the promise
But I will always surrender
Their hopes

It seemed not hard
To glue the parts
Of my west with their universe
If only they were to surrender
Their hearts

Waiting for my rage
To crawl under the rug
One's love through my hands
And again I am apart

I go the pace
Don't call the names
I turn around though I shouldn't
I go the pace
I break my face
They watch me as I lose
And hope I finally surrender
And grow old
Track Name: Running To You
The sun shone today
Staring sightlessly with me at the floor
And I was made of clay
And muffled boys and girls and cars and trees
were breathing outside my door
The seasons switched again
And I had no clue
That my lovely autumn could bring so much pain
That feels completely new

I was running to you
I was loving you
Sadly it transpired
That I missed that part when it said
You burn you dread the fire

They say it will pass
The city swallows bruises
They say time burns dust
Fills at last empty hearts with something vaguely useful
I know I'll keep looking for the ways
To explain to myself the reasons why I still count days

I locked I grieve and no I don't want to think through what you did
You could not dream anymore